Our organic tea: to try it is to love it!

Tea-rrific tea times are for everyone. At Les 2 Marmottes, you don't need a porcelain teapot or an array of little cakes...Tea time is all about what's in your cup. Take a look at our selection of 100% herbal teas with no added flavourings. 

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Teas at any time of day

Our brewmasters have created no less than five blends.

For breakfast tea lovers, Breakfast Tea is our must-have black tea for morning energy! Its strong character and gentle spicy notes will help you get a great start to the day. 

If you prefer green tea in the morning, then opt for our Yunnan Green Tea with its invigorating aroma. 

Two sweet flavours for tasty snack breaks: Jasmine Green Tea and Chai Tea. If you're feeling indulgent you could also add milk to the latter - a Chai Latte no less! 

And lastly, a great classic, Mint Green Tea. A rich, balanced aroma with hints of menthol, to be enjoyed whenever you like! Even in summer, it can make a delicious homemade iced tea.

Whatever the occasion, if you're lacking iron, be careful, sometimes tea can prevent it from being absorbed, so it's best not to sip tea with meals... you can always switch to herbal tea!

Our 100% ORGANIC teas

At Les 2 Marmottes we like to give 100%. 

100% plants and... 100% ORGANIC. To harvest the finest organic teas for you, our brewmasters have travelled all the way to Asia, where the tea expertise is unique. Renowned for the diversity and quality of its plants, Asia remains one of the few countries where cultivation is the most respectful of the environment and where tea plants can flourish naturally. 

To harvest our black tea, we travelled all the way to the plantations in the Assam region in India, where the tropical climate makes it possible to grow exceptional black tea. We then travelled to the south of Yunnan province, to a mountainous region, to harvest the green tea that makes up some of our recipes. 

By the way, do you know the difference between green tea and black tea? Try them both with our "Tea Time" collection, drink it... or use it as part of a beau-tea ritual.

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