What exactly does "no added flavourings" mean?

It probably won't have escaped your notice, our teas aren't simply 100% herbal, they're also labelled 'no added flavourings'... Let us explain how our brewmasters manage to meet this challenge.


Plants, nothing but plants

Opening the door to our burrow in the Alpine town of Bons en Chablais is like entering a plant version of Ali Baba's cave: thyme, fennel, camomile, mint, rosemary, lemon balm, blackcurrant leaf, raspberry...

In total, our brewmasters select and assemble the roots, bark, leaves, seeds or fruit of over 50 plants! So when you walk through the door of the workshop, the smells change according to the seasons. Once we get them, our plants are analysed, then meticulously cut, sometimes sterilised...and that's it!

As we don't use concentrates, plant extracts or essential oils, the plants we choose have to be tasty. Because for us, there's no question of compensating for the poor quality of a plant with flavouring, even if it's natural!

We do pretty well without flavourings. Thank you

At Les 2 Marmottes, we hate complicating things. To make thyme tea, we use... thyme. You don't need any fancy words or flavourings! If it looks like thyme, smells like thyme and tastes like thyme, then there's no need to go looking elsewhere. And we're certainly not going to add flavourings for fun... even if they are natural ones.

Flavourings are usually derived from a plant concentrate or produced by bacteria that can sometimes be light years away from the original plant, they boost - and often distort - the true taste of the plants.

That's not how we work! We trust nature and our brewmasters' expertise. And they certainly have a nose for it... They select beautiful plants, in tip-top shape, so that once they reach your cup, they can live happily ever after revealing their true flavours and character. It's not all plain sailing, and that's why our plant specialists work hand in hand with the growers. Their quest for taste takes them all over France, sometimes across Europe and even further afield.

Infusion gingembre 7e ciel, pour une soirée détonante
Une soirée tranquille avec un livre et une tisane au coin du feu
Frisson d'hiver, une infusion cannelle, thym et girofle pour les frileux

The genuine taste of nature!

We keep our ingredient lists simple because we have nothing to hide.

Composed of a single plant, a fun pairing or a more elaborate cocktail, all our herbal teas offer you the chance to gently discover the true taste of plants.

The roundness of liquorice, the lemony notes of verbena, the freshness of mint, the sweetness of elderberry, the flowery side of chamomile: you can't make this stuff up!

Choosing herbal teas with no added flavourings is a way of getting closer to nature, going back to basics and rediscovering all the subtlety and finesse of plants. It's about awakening your senses without blurring the message, it's about indulging yourself without over-indulging your taste buds, it's about taking care of yourself the right way!

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