Our brewmasters work with the whole thyme leaf so that it expresses all its aromatic power once immersed in hot water. The cut is crucial to ensuring the plant reveals its flavours and benefits. 

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Have you ever seen thyme flowers ?

What are the benefits of thyme in infusions?

Thyme is said to have been born of the tears of Helen of Troy, Queen of Sparta, whose kidnapping by Paris triggered the Trojan War.

In ancient Rome, thyme was dried and burned to protect against evil spirits in places of worship or in front of one's house, thus ensuring wealth and longevity.

But what interests us most, among its many virtues, is its beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and throat.

Breathe in, breathe out...

Thyme herbal tea


Several varieties of thyme go into our unique brew.

A big breath of fresh air to clear your sinuses this winter!

What is the thyme used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

Les 2 Marmottes secret: not one but several varieties of thyme go into our unique Thyme blend.

Powerful red thyme, which is great for clearing the airways.

A second, lighter and more subtle Indian borage for the aromatic aspect. Finally, a top secret thyme eases the potency of the red thyme.

It's an art form. Not just anyone can be a brewmaster!

Dried thyme is used in natural herbal teas
No added flavourings in this pure thyme brew
thyme plant

In which recipes do our brewmasters use thyme?

From morning onwards, breathe in... breathe out... Our 100% thyme infusion is a Les 2 Marmottes classic, a breath of fresh air that will blow your mind at the breakfast table!

Even better than a coffee to wake you up. Our thyme can be found in our Winter Chill infusion along with clove, to help the chilliest souls get through the hibernation period without any trouble.

Thyme can also be found in our Après-Ski infusion, with a lemony note that opens up your airways for 100% schussing!

A few words from a brewmaster. For Richard, three thymes are better than one

"At Les 2 Marmottes, infusion is an art... Ready for a lesson in thyme? The aromatic elements of a plant are not always the same. The same plant growing in different places can secrete very different essences depending on the level of sunshine, the climate, the composition of the soil, or the altitude. The term chemotype, which was officially adopted by the European Union in 2006, refers to a distinct chemical entity within a species.

So, why are we telling you this? We're not trying to show how clever we are, it's simply the basis of our Thyme infusion recipe. We selected three 'thymus vulgaris' thymes, but these are of different sub-varieties used for very specific purposes. Red thyme clears the airways, Indian borage brings the scent, and our third secret thyme brings the whole recipe together. We've been working with a Spanish producer for almost 40 years to develop this unique infusion that is so popular with connoisseurs. It's thyme for a brew!

Thyme to breathe
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