"Mix & Match": your tea, your way

Once upon a time, there was a herbal tea brand in Haute-Savoie that never used added flavourings. With the power of plants and delightful multicoloured boxes, this brand had won the hearts of a great many people. To please them, they regularly invented new blends with quirky names. The story could have ended there....


But in the burrow, the more you brew, the more ideas you come up with! So we started thinking about loose teas.

For a small company like us, we quickly realised that it was a bit of a mission impossible: we'd have to rethink the way we work, prepare the plants, preserve them, assemble them, pack them and ship them. In short, it's all very complicated.

So that could have been the end of it, but the teams at the burrow are more inventive than you think! After looking at different ways, we decided that maybe we could sell our sachets without the boxes. And so Mix & Match was born.

Loose marmots!

The idea is to let you create your own selection of herbal teas and infusions.

Each time you place a"Mix & Match"order, you can choose up to 4 different Les 2 Marmottes teas. You'll receive 10 loose sachets of each.

No boxes, just your favourite herbal teas in a parcel just for you.

Of course, if you're totally addicted to our After Party tea, there's nothing to stop you ordering 4 x 10 sachets of that.

You'll then receive 40 sachets of your favourite herbal tea (but still no box or case!).

Still too many teabags for your taste ? You can select 5 samples for €1 by using the "Try out other teas" that appears in your cart.

Infusion gingembre 7e ciel, pour une soirée détonante
Frisson d'hiver, une infusion cannelle, thym et girofle pour les frileux

It's in the bag (but not the box!)

Just because our herbal teas arrive 'loose' doesn't mean you can't box them yourself. Once you've received the parcel, all you'll need to do is find a pretty box to put it all in.

And guess what? We've just got our tea tin and wooden tea case back in stock, both of which can be ordered empty.

If you prefer to keep them in a drawer, we won't hold it against you! The important thing about 'Mix & Match' is that in just 3 clicks you can stock up on herbal teas and infusions quickly and easily.

End of story. 

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