The rose is a rather docile flower that's been cultivated since ancient times. Considered the "Queen of Flowers", this prickly plant has reigned over the planet for 3,000 years. Its aroma always makes an impact, whether it's in a vase or a cup!

Tasty apples

What are the benefits of rose in herbal tea?

Everyone knows what a rose is, but its mysterious benefits are still a bit of a thorny subject.

It's said that in Rome, rose petals were eaten at major festivals - the ultimate exotic treat of its time!

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the rose became less fanciful: it was used as a remedy for depression.

It's both tonic and astringent, perfuming your daily life with lighter notes.

Tasty apple + tasty rooibos + tasty cinnamon = great tea


Green tea, verbena and rose petals for getting back in shape.

Witness the fitness!

What kind of rose is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

The roses selected by Les 2 Marmottes are harvested in spring in the heart of Morocco, near Kelaat, a small town known for its famous Rose Festival!

Every year in May, the locals celebrate the arrival of the roses from the Dades and M'Goun valleys (the population of Kelaat doubles during the 4-day festival!).

On site, our grower Omar hand-picks the petals and buds of these precious flowers one by one. 

Apple&Cinnamon herbal blend for tea
Inside a tea bag full of dried apples
Les bienfaits de la mélisse en infusion

In which recipes do our brewmasters use rose?

Our friend the rose is good at playing hide and seek! It is present in three of our recipes, leaving its delicate trace.

In Back in Shape, the petals dress our herbal tea with pretty floral tones, without over doing it!

Rose can also be found hiding among the lovely fruity flavours of our Fruit Blend herbal tea.

Combined with orange blossom petals, rose also adds a lovely floral note to our Night Fairy tea, giving it a full-bodied flavour. 

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