Native to Southeast Asia, ginger is grown in all the tropical regions of the world, which provide it with the warmth and humidity it craves. 

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Ginger has a strong taste that mixes well with others plants in herbal teas

What are the benefits of ginger in infusions?

For thousands of years, ginger has been associated with antioxidant, antibacterial, and of course... aphrodisiac properties.

This reputation often overshadows its other benefits, which make it one of the most widely used spices in both gastronomy and traditional Chinese medicine.

The ginger root is said to have many health benefits, especially for digestion, nausea, and to fight against fatigue.

But at Les 2 Marmottes, it's the sharp flavour that interests us most!

Seventh heaven, ginger and pepper herbal tea

SUPERSTAR INFUSION:⭐seventh heaven ⭐

A cocktail with hot notes of ginger and pepper, shaken up by the energy of guarana.

The spicy promise of a hot night!

What kind of ginger is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

As with turmeric, it's the subterranean stem - or rhizome - that's most popular.

It's an essential element in Asian cuisine, and the world over for that matter!

We don't do things by halves: our brewmasters also went all the way to Asia to select an organic ginger that would offer a powerful taste.

At Les 2 Marmottes, we don't use the powdered form, we use dried roots, which are then cut and blended in order to get the very best out of their flavour.

Seventh heaven in a cup
Ginger roots can be dried to be used in teas
dried ginger will be used in herbal teas, no need for added flavourings

In which recipes do our brewmasters use ginger?

Ginger is used in our various blends to add a lasting hint of lemon spiciness, which enhances other the flavours.

We have the impression it likes to blow hot and cold, awakening fresh infusions like Lord & Lady Lemongrass, Lemon & Ginger, or more fiery ones like our Mulled Wine Preparation.

Its energy teams up with ginseng in Boost me, and its comforting powers warm our Chai Tea.

But it's in our hot Seventh Heaven blend that it plays the starring role. A fiery cocktail with notes of pepper and ginger, filled with guarana energy, to arouse the flame of love... even during hibernation periods!

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