Organic mint iced tea, or nothing at all!

Traditionally, mint tea is shared... At Les 2 Marmottes, we love getting together over a nice cup of tea and putting the world to rights!

Mint tea is a symbol of hospitality and generosity, a staple in Eastern tradition. Prepared by the head of the family, it can be shared with visiting friends or at the end of the meal, so everyone leaves the table feeling refreshed! Traditionally enjoyed hot and sweet, it's also great in an iced, naturally flavoured version...


Mint Tea Olé makes an impact

When it comes to iced teas, there are the over-sweetened kind, to be avoided, the tasteless kind, forget it, and the homemade kind using quality tea and herbs.

At Les 2 Marmottes, we chose our camp a long time ago. To make our mint tea, we let our brewmasters loose in the wild.

Their mission? To find a top-quality green tea and the best mint. First, they went organic with a 100% organically grown green tea, that's guaranteed pesticide-free.

Then they set out to find the best mint leaves. They couldn't decide between sweet mint and peppermint, so they tried a blending both. And then, bingo! The blend of sweet mint and peppermint gave the green tea a wake-up, it was sooooo fresh!

The true taste of mint in a natural organic tea

A tea ritual by Les 2 Marmottes

After a series of successful tastings, our brewmasters decided to try their new blend over ice.

Bingo number 2! This particularly thirst-quenching cold brew was to become one of their favourite drinks.

To make your own homemade mint tea, you'll need...

- 1 bag of Mint Tea Olé green tea.

- A few fresh mint leaves

- A little crushed ice


Brew 1 sachet of Mint Tea Olé in 1 litre of hot water for 3 minutes at 80°.

Remove the sachet and leave to cool overnight.

The next day, add a few fresh organic mint leaves and crushed ice.

Enjoy it with family and friends at any time of year!

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