A Lemon Tea like no other…

For once, our master infusers have mixed black tea and green tea in a deliciously lemony recipe!

Lemon Tea

A unique blend of green tea and black tea

Who said that lemon tea has to be green or black? A priori no one! While they couldn't decide, our master infusers had the idea of ​​the century to get everyone to agree: mixing green tea, black tea and the famous citrus fruit.

Frankly, at first no one believed it and some were even already crying sacrilege. But when it was time to taste this new Lemon Tea recipe, we no longer heard a sound in the assembly!

The blend of black tea and green tea is a bit like Ying and Yang. On one side we have passion, and on the other, delicacy. They intersect, they turn and end up complementing each other wonderfully. Brought together in the cup, organic black tea and organic green tea display an imperial balance. Nothing and no one could make them waver, except perhaps the pep of lemon!

The real taste of lemon

Our two favorite teas actually needed a little boost to reveal themselves and awaken our taste buds. And who better than a lemon to play spoilsport?

Its beautiful golden color, its freshness, its legendary pep and its unique flavor which subtly oscillates between acid and bitter, are perfect. And no need for flavorings or perlimpinpin powder, lemon is especially effective if it is organic!

Cup of Tea and box of Lemon Tea

Everything is good in lemon

Considered an essential natural remedy, lemon is at the top level of vitamin C (it contains twice as much as orange)! Supercharged, it has the reputation of sending colds and flu away.

Scrutinized in its smallest facts and zests, the citrus fruit is used in its entirety: the flesh, the juice, the peel, the skin all have their say.

As good hot as cold

Another advantage of our Lemon Tea is that it is not pressed and can therefore be enjoyed all year round, at any time of the day.

Enjoyed hot, it can also be drunk cold or downright iced. In all cases, the clever balance between green tea and black tea ensuring a tangy side without bitterness will be respected.

And you will have the pleasure of finding the real taste of lemon, since marmots do not use flavorings in their recipes.

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