Prestige Wooden Box from the Jura region
Coffret cadeau en bois, made in France
Assortiment de tisanes dans un beau coffret en bois
Coffret en bois du Jura pour infusions, pyrogravé, fermeture aimantée
Intérieur d'un coffret cadeau en bois contenant des tisanes Les 2 Marmottes
Prestige Wooden Box from the Jura region

Prestige Wooden Box from the Jura region


Prestige Wooden Box from the Jura region

Assortment of 8 infusions to gift

120 infusions in a top-quality box.

A brand-new assortment and a band-new case!


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Herbal teas and teas made in the French Alps Herbal teas with no added flavourings Experience the true taste of plants

100% herbal tea pack

Made in France's Jura region by a small business boasting the Living Heritage Company label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), this beechwood box is made from material sourced in sustainably managed forests. Traditional craftsmanship is respected and at the same time complemented by the latest in industrial technologies to ensure that the quality of production is always of the highest standard.The new magnetic fastening and discreet cylindrical hinges give this box all the modernity required for a completely original gift.

An exclusive selection of the 8 most popular infusions created by our brewmasters, naturally without any added flavours.

120 teabags (8 brews x 15 bags)

Let's start with a classic: the benefits of THYM and nothing more... a breath of fresh air to clear your system. Breathe in, breathe out...

Digestive Cocktail: we love the green anise, fennel, and sage, which aid digestion and provide a featherlight feeling... Enjoy it as a cold brew!

MINT, LINDEN, VERBENA: a trio that delivers a true taste sensation. It's brew time! Enjoy it as a cold brew.

MINT LIQUORICE: could you even imagine one without the other? Enjoy it as a cold brew!

Our magic potion for a restful night: NIGHT FAIRY, with notes of fennel, verbena, and orange petals. Zzzzzzz...

With the 7 plants of our MARMOT HERBAL TEA, including linden, verbena, and orange petals, you can relax, unwind, and let your worries slide.

AFTER PARTY boasts notes of rosemary, mint, and lemon... A helping hand from nature to avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  

CINNAMON APPLE: a brew spiced with cinnamon to help you up the apples & pears.

Herbal tea gift box

At Les 2 Marmottes, everything is home-made. Our brewmasters taste, cut, sift, and combine more than 50 plants in our workshops in France's Haute-Savoie region.

There's no need for added flavouring when quality plants are selected from their native soil and according to the season.

Ingredients: wooden herbal tea box

A selection of plants for infusion

Box of 120 teabags: no strings, no glue, no staples 

Net weight: 178 g, gross weight: 1.15 kg

Made in France's Jura region, materials used for this beechwood box come from sustainably managed forests. Box sold with teas included.

Inner Dimensions 289x161x80 mm; outer Dimensions 307x179x87 mm. Natural sanded finish. Les 2 Marmottes' logo is burned onto the inside and outside of the lid.

Recyclable wrappers, tea bags contain no staples nor strings.

Product made in France (Haute-Savoie)

THYME (15 teabags) - Enjoy 2 cups per day for an airway-clearing effect*. Ingredients: 100% thyme. EU origin. Thyme will take care of your respiratory tract and throat. Not intended for people who are hypersensitive to plants of the Lamiaceae family.

Digestive Cocktail (15 teabags) - Enjoy 3 cups per day to assist digestion*. Continue over 15 days maximum as part of a detox. Ingredients: 60% green anise, 15% fennel seed, spearmint, 5% sage, rosemary. EU and non-EU origin. Aniseed helps to support digestion. Not intended for people who are hypersensitive to umbellifers.

NIGHT FAIRY (15 teabags) - Ingredients: 30% fennel seed, 25% scented verbena, 15% orange petal, orange leaf, cinnamon bark, matricaria chamomilla, rose petal. French and non-EU origin.

MINT LINDEN VERBENA (15 teabags) - Ingredients: 35% fragrant verbena, 35% linden, 30% spearmint and peppermint. EU and non-EU origin.

MINT LIQUORICE (15 teabags) - Ingredients: 80% spearmint and peppermint**, 20% liquorice**. French and non-EU origin. This product contains liquorice. People with high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption.

MARMOT HERBAL TEA (15 teabags) - Ingredients: 20% linden, 19% scented verbena, peppermint, hibiscus flower, rosehip, German chamomile, 8% orange petal. EU and non-EU origin.

AFTER PARTY (15 teabags) - Ingredients: 35% rosemary**, 30% spearmint**, lemongrass**, coriander seed**, 7% lime**, eucalyptus**. EU and non-EU origin.

APPLE CINNAMON (15 teabags) - Ingredients: 30% apple, 30% Chinese cinnamon bark, hibiscus flower, rooibos, stevia leaf. EU and non-EU origin.

* Be sure to maintain a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifedata-font. For pregnant or breastfeeding people and children under 12, ask your doctor for advice before consuming.

**100% Organic ingredients. FR-BIO-15