Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get the best benefits from your herbal teas?

Infusion is an art form! Our plants are selected and then cut so that their taste and beneficial qualities are at their best in your tea. For each tea, our brewmasters will advise you on the right temperature and the ideal brewing time. You can find all the tasting tips for each of our blends in store. 

Are your teas organic?

At Les 2 Marmottes, we like organic agriculture, as long as it respects our quality criteria. For our partner farmers, labels are not simply a means to and end. We'd prefer a quality non-organic plant, cultivated by a small passionate producer, to an organic plant that would not meet our requirements. What counts for us is the plant's taste and benefits in your cup.

But at Les 2 Marmottes, we like to do things right, whether that's organic or not! All our teas are monitored for microbiological particles and chemicals, particularly in terms of pesticides, regardless of the product's origin. These tests are carried out by independent laboratories, which guarantee the identification of the plants (variety and species) and the absence of more than 500 undesirable molecules including pesticides and heavy metals. 

Today, 1/3 of our recipes are madde using 100% certified organic plants. Here is the list (recipes certified by FR-BIO-15):

Herbal Teas: Seventh Heaven / Cheeky Cocoa / Duo of Mints / Mint Liquorice / After Party / RosemaryRooibos Blackcurrant /Red Vine Verbena

Teas:  Let's Get Frui'tea / Flir'Tea Jasmine /Mint Tea Olé / Wake up Tea /Back in Shape? / Strong Spicy Tea/ Yunnan Tea

Do your blends change?

Our brewmasters' skill means you're always guaranteed the same great taste from living plants! We taste test each production run to ensure each sachet has the same flavour.

For any questions about our blends and ingredients, please send us a message via our contact form.

Do your herbal teas contain caffeine?

Most of our herbal teas are caffeine-free. An excellent substitute for those who want to stop drinking coffee, they can help you hydrate happily from morning to night! However, herbal teas like Boost Me and all recipes containing green or black tea contain caffeine, light sleepers beware!

Are you teas gluten-free ?

All our brews are gluten-free.

Why is there no string on your tea bags?

No strings - it's just not our thing! 

To tell the truth we've never had strings on our teabags.

The reason is simple: strings are made from cotton, which consumes a lot of water and retains pesticides. Adding them would probably involve using glue, labels and/or staples. And that's not in line with our values!

We care about the environment and are dedicated to taking care of it by respecting our planet, reducing the packaging in our products and eliminating anything unnecessary. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

At Les 2 Marmottes, we want to leave as little trace as possible behind us. Our boxes and cases are made in France, from recyclable cardboard. Our sachets are made from a paper-plastic blend, the only barrier currently available on the market to preserve the quality taste of your favourite herbal teas.

However, we are actively working to find technical solutions to free ourselves from plastic in our wrapping, while maintaining optimal preservation and freshness. Marmots' Honour: in a few years, we will be proclaiming loud and clear that our packaging is “zero plastic”. 

How do I open the sachet without damaging the tea bag?

Our protective sachet is perforated at both ends of the horizontal seam, so you can open it easily. 

This may seem trivial, but we recommend that you shake the sachet to ensure the teabag is sitting at the bottom, then you'll have plenty of space to rip open the sachet without damaging the teabag.

Are your herbal teas suitable for children? 

At Les 2 Marmottes, we haven't left anyone out. Little ones can have their tea moment too! We've even created some blends especially for them, eg Yodie (to bed little one !) for the evening; that way all ages can enjoy our herbal teas.

We recommend avoiding and teas that contain caffeine as they make children agitated and the spicier flavours may put children off.

You might want to seek your doctor's advice before giving your children herbal tea.


Are your teas suitable for pregnant women?

In general, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid drinking herbal teas.

However, some plants such as fennel are known for their digestive properties, especially for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

At Les 2 Marmottes, we take your health and well-being seriously! So we recommend you speak to your doctor who will be able to advise you on any contraindications and reassure you!

Are your herbal teas offered in bulk?

At this time, we do not wish to offer our teas in bulk, because the plants lose their taste qualities on contact with the air. That's why we pack them in our special teabags and then add a sachet to protect them. Taste, select, check, cut, sift, assemble and preserve... Blending tea is an art form. You can find a “bulk bag" (i.e. sachets not in a box) here


How do I contact customer service?

At Les 2 Marmottes, we do everything we can to make sure our customers are pampered. If you have any questions about the status of your order, please feel free to send us a message using the dedicated form.

Please do not reply to automated emails (e.g. order confirmation, invoice...), for those are sent from a "no-reply" address. Replies won't reach customer services. Please use contact form instead.

What to do in case of a claim?

A problem? Give us a whistle! For any complaints, anomalies or problems, please send us a message using the dedicated form.

Can I get some samples?

We love to spoil you and make you happy! 

In the cart section, just check out the box "I would like to receive samples with my order", and you'll get a handful of teabags in your package Which ones? It will be a surprise!

If you'd like to try out a particular blend, you can find a "discovery" option in the cart section : you can get 5 teabags for €1. Perfect if you don't feel like comitting to an entire box!

I can't find the Les 2 Marmottes tea I'm looking for

Can't find what you are looking for in store? The entire Les 2 Marmottes range of teas is available online here.

Looking for tea? This way!

Want to see what's new? Visit this page

Want to find the nearest store selling your favourite herbal tea? Give us a whistle!

We've stopped making our Selfie, Rustproof and Blueberry teas as they did not sell in sufficient quantities. These blends are no longer available in stores or on our website. If you would like advice on how to find a tea with a similar taste, contact our marmots.


How long does it take to prepare my order?

At Les 2 Marmottes, we do everything in house, from selecting thee plants to shipping the products. All orders are shipped from our workshop in Bons-en-Chablais, France. We prepare and ship your package within 48 hours after confirmation of payment.

Delivery may vary with each carrier. The indicative home delivery time following shipment is 48 hours* (2 working days) for shipments in France, including Corsica and Monaco.

How will my order be delivered?

Your package can be delivered to your hands or through your letterbox. If it cannot fit through your letterbox it will be sent to the nearest post office delivery counter. You have 10 working days once your parcel arrives to collect it from the post office. After this time it will be returned to us. For any deliveries you will receive an email 24 hours before your parcel arrives. 

The indicative home delivery time following shipment is 48 hours* (2 working days for shipments in France, including Corsica and Monaco).

Can my order be delivered to a post office or pick up point?

In France, you can actually choose the post office where you want your package delivered, without a postman having to attempt delivery to your home first.

You can also choose to have your parcel sent to one of the many pick up points in shops near your home, work or holiday location; there are even some at petrol stations.

You will then receive an SMS and email with a pick up voucher so you can collect your parcel within 10 working days. After this time, your parcel will be returned to the sender.

You can see a list of pick up points here.

For international deliveries, home delivery is the only option for now.

Shipping rates

Geographical area

Home delivery

Post office or pick up point

Metropolitan France (including Corsica & Monaco) 

€6.95 incl tax

4.50 incl tax

French overseas territories (DOM-TOM/Guyane)

€18.75€ excl tax

European Union (excluding Switzerland/ Norway)

€12€ incl tax***


€13.50 excl tax

Rest of Europe and Maghreb 

€21.10 excl tax

Africa/Middle East

€29.50 excl tax

Rest of the World

€36.60 excl tax

In Metropolitan France (including Corsica and Monaco), delivery is free when you spend €40 or more,** for individuals and from €100 excl. VAT for businesses, unless an exceptional operation is taking place. 

For international deliveries out of Europe, additional custom fees may be applied.


What are the payment methods available ?

The options are as follow:

- Secured credit card (CB/Mastercard)

- Check

- Apple Pay

Is the payment secure?

When paying by card, you benefit from the security system.

The transaction is completed directly between you and our banking solution, known for reliable internet transactions. There is no danger when entering your card details on our store. The site uses a secure procedure, that can be recognised in two ways:

- A small padlock on Internet Explorer, a key on a blue background or an open padlock that closes on Mozilla Firefox or another browser at the bottom of your screen.

- The http:// site address becomes https:// ("s" stands for secure). The information is encrypted and therefore protected before being transferred via the Internet.

No credit card number is stored at Les 2 Marmottes, the transaction takes place directly on the protected server and your card details are only captured there.


Where can I find Les 2 Marmottes?

Since our beginning in regional stores in Haute-Savoie, Les 2 Marmottes has come a long way! Our products are now available in supermarkets throughout France. Contact us to find out which stores near you sell our teas. 

All our products are also on sale on our online store

Would you like to offer Les 2 Marmottes in your establishment?

Do you want to sell Les 2 Marmottes teas? Contact us via the contact form, we'll answer all your questions with pleasure!

Restaurant owners, hoteliers, tearooms, guest houses... If you want to offer Les 2 Marmottes to your visitors, our wooden boxes are very handy. You can also order all our products by unit on our online sales site or by contacting us using the contact form, we'll answer all your questions with pleasure!


How to create a partnership with Les 2 Marmottes ?

If you would like to propose a partnership please send us a message using the dedicated form. It will come directly to our burrow. We look forward to discussing it with you.