This summer, try some cold brews!

We decided it's time to cool off, so we're inviting you to try our cold brews. Our recipes have not changed a bit, they are still 100% plant-based, without any added flavouring.

How to cold brew our recipes?

Our cold brews are easy peasy! To refresh your palate you need:

- A container: glass, cup, flask, jug...

- One of our herbal tea bags (choose from our collection)

- Cold water 

- 30 minutes, the time to release the flavours

If you're still unsure, this video shows are the steps for cold water brewing. You can't go wrong. 

The benefits of our fresh recipes

A 100% herbal recipe with no added flavours.

- They have no added sugar. With Les 2 Marmottes, you'll have healthy drinks all year long.

- They contain no plastic, we don't want to leave anything behind.

We know you'll love them. So this summer take our cold brews with you wherever you go! 

Infusion gingembre 7e ciel, pour une soirée détonante
Une soirée tranquille avec un livre et une tisane au coin du feu

Cheers to cold brews

Bye, bye sugar-laden alcoholic drinks.

Tonight, let's raise a glass to Cocktail Digest and be carried away by notes of green aniseed, fennel and sage. A festive digestive!

Our cold fennel infusion makes us want to say cheers over and over again - with our loved ones of course!

And to ease you into the morning after the night before, try our specially created: After Party.  

Looking for something more zesty ? Our newest creation, Lemon Ginger, will spice things up !

We're from the Alps and we love bringing our brews up there

Dive right in

On the schedule today: swimsuits on, we're off to the beach. And there's nothing like good hydration from our cold brews to help prevent sunstroke!

Our Organic Mint Green Tea is the perfect drink for afternoons at the beach. Sweet mint and peppermint are cool and refreshing.

Cold brew pack for summer

We love the mountains!

This summer you've decided to climb the highest peaks. Put on your shoes, pack your rucksack and make sure you've got some lovely refreshing cold brews.

Mint Liquorice, Two Mints and Citrus will keep you fresh along the way.

Our special summer wishlist

We don't know about you but this summer we want to take it easy. To make it easier, we've put together a refreshing collectionof cold brews.

Not sure which one you'll like? Get a summer pack.

Our summer pack contains our 6 signature recipes so you can try a good range from our collection.

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