Herbal tea while you read! Great teas for bookish moments

What tea's best when you want to read?  Tell me what you're reading, I'll tell you what to brew. A herbal tea, a good book, a comfy pair of socks... We don't know about you, but we're picturing the scene! Here are a few tips to help you create the best book-tea pairings.  


What herbal tea do you like best when reading ?

Teas for the classics

Some people find classic literature a bit like diving back into hellish English classes at school, but others love plunging back into major works with glee.

War and peace, To Kill a Mocking Bird, A Tale of Two cities... You probably need at least a flask full of Marmot Herbal tea or Peace Granny - you'll be there a while.

Herbal teas for adventurers

Dreaming of distant lands? Want to travel to new places? Feel the need to change your scenery for each new chapter?

Quick, pour yourself a cup of Boost Me.

You need all the energy you can get to escape from prison, head along the legendary Route 66, cross the desert or go around the world in 80 days.  

Teas for sweet dreams

Muse a little longer a mug of Night Fairy, a bit of Tennyson or Keats by the fire, a poem or two by T.S. Eliot, or Lord Bryon or Emily Dickinson's words of love to take you straight to Seventh Heaven.

There's something magical about poetry, however it's written!

Enjoy the marmots' reading selection !
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Choose the perfect herbal tea for reading

Herbal teas for the down-to-earth

For those who want to dissect the news or read the society section. A bit of economics, politics and sociology: you'll need a few cups of Digestive Cocktail to digest it all!

If you're someone who likes a debate or have a friendly discussion on ll sorts of topics until late in the evening, we recommend After Party, a herbal tea to help you regather your thoughts.

To finish off, we'll share our own favourite new book - set in the Haute-Savoie: Patrick Beuzé's latest novel, Versant Secret (sadly only available in French). We've been enjoying it while supping our Winter Chill.

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