Mocktail of Les 2 Marmottes for Spring

Light, refreshing and fruity, this mocktail will make you blush with pleasure! His secret?

Two teabags of our Let's get Frui'tea, infused in the rules of the art.

Let's get frui'tea

When tea is invited in cocktails

Bartenders from France and Navarre did not wait for Les 2 Marmottes to concoct cocktails, often without alcohol, based on tea.

If they like to make a place for it on the bar (and in their shaker), it is because the tea, once infused, brings an unparalleled delicacy and fragrance to their creation.

Subtly fragrant, fruity, flowery or spicy, tea gives cocktails all their flavors and colors. Well accompanied and served exactly at the right temperature (especially not iced!), tea thus becomes the traveling companion of an aperitif with or without alcohol but always surprising and delicious.

The 2 Marmottes revisit tea time

If we say “tea-time”, do you think porcelain cups and cupcakes?

We offer you another atmosphere with cocktail glasses, aperitif biscuits and an original recipe around tea. 

The lucky one is Let's Get Frui'Tea. With its tangy notes of hibiscus and unlimited raspberries, it plays the gourmet card to the fullest. To make it sparkle, add a little sparkling water, to wake it up, a little lemon and to round the corners even more, a few centimeters of barley syrup.

Our little paw tells us that you will love it. And rest assured, you don’t need mixology degree to succeed in this 100% enjoyable mocktail.

Just follow the recipe and you're done. With Les 2 Marmottes, cocktail creation could well become your cup of tea!

To make our Red Fruits Mocktail, you will need:

- Still water: 48cl

- Sparkling water: 20cl

- Orgeat syrup: 8cl

- Yellow lemon juice: 8cl

- Let's Get Frui'Tea: 2 teabags


Start by heating the still water and immerse two Let's Get Frui'Tea Les 2 Marmottes teabags in it.

Steep for 3 minutes at 80 degrees, then remove the teabags and let the tea cool.

Take out 4 pretty glasses and pour 2 centiliters of barley syrup and 2 centiliters of fresh lemon juice into each of them.

Place 2 ice cubes in each glass then carefully pour 12 centiliters of tea and 5 centiliters of fresh sparkling water.

Decorate the glasses with a slice of lemon or a fresh raspberry.

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