Savory has more than one trick up its sleeve. Maurice Mességué, also known as "The Pope of Plants", even advised the riders in the Tour de France to take some before racing. Savory sure does get around...

Tasty apples

What are the benefits of savory in herbal tea?

If I'm picking a plant from the Lamiaceae family, savory's the one for me!

Traditionally used for its digestive benefits, it is also considered an excellent tonic. Its aim? To show fatigue the door!

That's why it's so popular in sports: before exercise, it helps you concentrate; once you're done, it helps with recovery.

In ancient times, it's stimulating (aphrodisiac) effect made it a cursed plant!

This "Devil's plant, as some people called it, was even banned from monasteries. Can you believe it?

Tasty apple + tasty rooibos + tasty cinnamon = great tea

SUPERSTAR INFUSION:⭐ lemon ginger ⭐

Lemon and ginger have been brought together by our brewmasters for a recipe that's as delicious hot as it is cold!

What kind of savory is used in Les 2 Marmottes herbal teas?

The savory used by our marmots is harvested in the Drôme region, in Southern France.

This perennial, which looks like a small shrub, can grow up to 50 cm high and has rather stiff stems. It likes the sun and well-drained soil.

On closer inspection, the leaves are slightly hairy around the edges and particularly fragrant.

Picked as soon as the warm weather arrives, they retain their intense fragrance when dried.

Apple&Cinnamon herbal blend for tea
Inside a tea bag full of dried apples
Les bienfaits de la mélisse en infusion

In which recipes do our brewmasters use savory?

Savory is used in our Lemon-Ginger tea.

Its fresh notes combine perfectly with the heat of black pepper and the spiciness of ginger.

At the risk of disappointing you, this is the only recipe to include savory. But our brewmasters are on the case!

Rome wasn't built in a day... And neither was a savory recipe! 

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