Enjoy tea on your own or share it with your friends!

At Les 2 Marmottes we like to say that true happiness lies in simple things. Our 100% herbal teas, with no added flavourings, stimulate your senses and awaken your taste buds. Enjoy alone or share with friends. It's really up to you. We've got the teas for all your needs.


Going it alone

Well-being is a bit like plants, it has to be cultivated.

Doing things that we like, that give us pleasure and doing them alone is a bit like happiness. Slowing down is good for you.

And here at the burrow we want to help you catch your breath with Thyme tea, containing nothing but thyme, brew it straight from your sofa.

Verbena and Marmot Herbal Tea, to help you relax and sleep.

Peace Granny, to let life flow because at Les 2 Marmottes we want to keep Nana in the lavender and away from the nettles! 

In it together

With family, friends, colleagues, lovers. And yes, our little Marmots want to take part too.

Because sharing is something we value, our brewmasters have sifted and blended plants for teas you can enjoy together.

After Party, soothe your soul from last night's excesses with cups a plenty of this tasty tea.

Yodie (to bed little one!) is named after our cute little mascots, we figured they deserved their own tea. Great for fun family moments.

Duo of Mints and Après-Ski, invigorating and refreshing teas to bring a new twist to the traditional mountain tea break with friends.

Chai teaMulled Wine and their delicious cinnamon flavour. Because the snow's tiring and at here at the burrow we love a sweet treat.

And finally Seventh Heaven, to add a touch of spice to your evenings as a couple. Sing along... "Voulez vous drink tea avec moi, ce soir?" »

Herbal teas to enjoy alone or with your loved ones
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