We love the mountains!

Snow sports, nature, soaking up the sun at the foot of the slopes,  great restaurants...you'll never be bored in the mountains, there's truly something for everyone. Get your flask ready, take to the heights with Les 2 Marmottes and try a few of our winter herbal blends. 

Pick your winter tea


Hiking in the French Alps : spot the Marmots'mug

Teas for the sporty

You've heard so much about winter sports that you don't want to waste a minute of time on the slopes. On the agenda this week: learn ski touring, go on a trail through the snow, get a cardio workout on the cross-country ski trails and use up any energy you have left on a sledge....any sport can be good for setting a record!

And once the day is over, it's time for more traditional pursuits. How about a cup of Mulled Wine preparation ? Orange, cinnamon and clove notes will help to warm you up at the foot of the slopes and enjoy the company of those around you. And for the brave among you who want to keep at it there's our Après-Ski tea, made just for you.  

Herbal teas for the thinkers

Mountains aren't always about extreme sports...do what's right for you. There's something here for everyone. No need to travel miles, just stepping outside is a great way to enjoy the fresh air. On snowshoes or on foot, connect with your surroundings: the frosted fir trees, the crunch of the snow underfoot, the cool wind on your face... 

The perfect time to take a little break. What's in your hiking bag? A few cereal bars to keep your energy up and thermos flask for a hot drink: Chai TeaCheeky Cocoa or even Mint Green Tea. Recipes to be enjoyed with nature and nothing else. 

Our recipes for those who like to relax

A stay in the mountains is not necessarily all about hiking, never ending winter sports and constant invigoration. The mountains are also the ideal place to take a break.

And this is something the resorts have understood.  Drift away from it all with a relaxing massage, a revitalising treatment, a gourmet meal or a relaxing activity! Take advantage of those moments with your family when time seems to stand still and everyone gathers around the fireplace for a hot drink, cinnamon hues wafting from your mugs. Winter Chill and Apple&Cinnamon are always a hit! 

But there is also our Marmot Herbal tea or Thyme, both delicious and beneficial for the whole family. 

Our marmots love skiing as much as envoying a cup of herbal tea
Keep you herbal tea warm
Drinking hot herbal tea in the moutains

Our plants for winter

At Les 2 Marmottes, we always choose the most fragrant, tasty and colourful plants for our herbal teas and teas.

So this winter, let's start with plants!


Once immersed in hot water, our thyme tea reveals all its aromatic power for a drink with cleansing benefits.

A classic for winter.


Harvested from the clove tree and coveted for its pungent, bitter, woody and fruity fragrance, it gives off powerful notes that comfort the body and mind. Fell like you need some clove in your life? Try our Winter Warmer tea.


At the burrow, we use Madagascar cinnamon in all our blends. Our brewmasters selected this variety for its subtle and woody taste. Can you recognize it in our Chai Tea ?


Used in various blends, like our Seventh Heaven, it adds a lasting hint of lemony spiciness, which enhances the other flavours. 

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