With sage is always a wise plant to have on hand. Although, it's definitely a love/hate relationship. Don't be fooled by appearances, behind its woolly leaves and strange bitterness lies a small plant full of sweetness and capable of great things. Sage yourselves!

La sauge, utilisée traditionnellement pour faciliter la digestion

What are the benefits of sage in herbal tea?

Even if your Latin lessons are just a painful, distant memory, there is something magical and enlightening about the etymology of words.

Sage is a great example, its scientific name salvia comes from the Latin salvare, which simply means "to heal". Forget the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," it should be sage - its benefits are unreal.

Known for soothing sore throats, it's also up there for any kind of digestive issue.

What kind of sage is used in Les 2 Marmottes herbal teas?

A renowned aromatic and medicinal plant, sage has its roots in the Mediterranean basin.

It's worth noting that this evergreen shrub really needs the sun to be at its best.

Picked between June and September, its grey and greenish leaves with a patterned appearance and precious antiseptic and astringent properties are then dried in our workshop in Bons en Chablais.

Tisane digestive avec de la sauge
La sauge est utilisée dans les infusions Les 2 Marmottes pour ses vertus

In which recipes do our brewmasters use sage?

Sage is both useful and pleasing. It has a great fragrance and its digestive properties are well known.

As they're total foodies, our brewmasters decided to make a herbal tea to drink after dinner. But sage doesn't like to work alone: it sits alongside green aniseed, fennel, sweet mint and rosemary, coming to your table in a herbal tea with a very well-suited name: Digestive Cocktail

Say yes to dreamy sage!

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