DIY Christmas ornament

Awaken your inner artist with our Christmas decoration ideas. Scissors, string, paper, coloured pencils, multicoloured lights: this year, holiday decorating is your business! Here are some great ideas for extraordinary DIY Christmas decorations (don't you just love a creative challenge?).


A unique Christmas decoration

Oh Christmas Tree!

A Christmas without a tree is like tea without plants: it's just unimaginable!

But, in the last few years, our trees have been changing. More original, more eco-friendly, more modern: Christmas trees have been reinvented with a little imagination!

Stacked books in the shape of the famous evergreen, cleverly arranged corks, an origami tree: anything goes!

We chose to create a DIY tree in the colours of Les 2 Marmottes. 

Al kinds of garlands in all kinds of places!

Made of paper, fabric or vine, decorated with flags or lanterns, handmade with just a little string and small silver pegs: DIY Christmas garlands are easy to make, even for kids.

Personalise them with your favourite herbal tea bags for a fun, original look. Our tip for making this party decoration even more fun: write the name of one of the guests on the back of each bag. 

Christmas wreaths are very much back in vogue.

Hanging on the front door to welcome your guests or placed on the festive table, homemade Christmas wreaths are back!

Some people might like 100% natural wreaths made from plants, while others (like us!) vote for a gourmet, colorful decoration: dressed with chocolates, sweets & multicolored teabags, this DIY wreath is very tempting.

Around the table, those of us with a sweet-tooth are already eyeing this crown... Will our willpower last until the end of the meal? See you in a few days for the verdict!

Christmas at the burrow
perfect gifts to put under the christmas tree
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