Our cold brew herbal teas and blends are great even in winter

Feeling nostalgic for the summer? If you feel like summer can't possibly be over and the sun is still shining in your head even in the heart of winter, then this selection is for you : learn how to make your own iced tea or cold brew with Les 2 Marmottes


Mint keeps you fresh

Fresh, cold or iced infusions: take a look!

Contrary to popular belief, herbal teas aren't only good at keeping you warm in winter, they're also great for keeping our heads cool!

Bye-bye bland water, flavours galore and super sweet blends, here's to plants in summer and winter.

To quench your thirst or just as a little treat: choose one of your favourite herbal teas (we've listed below those that work well cold), and let it steep for 30 minutes... simple, cold, refreshing!

As there are never any added flavourings in our blends, the plants need time to release their flavour into your water!

Perfect in any season! Which Les 2 Marmottes herbal teas are best enjoyed cold?

Like them iced? You'll love them cold all year long.

Use one teabag for 200 ml of water and you're done.

To spice up your cold brews and chase away winter gloom, add in some chopped herbs, slices of citrus fruit, pieces of fresh ginger or even crushed ice! These blends are available in our summer nostalgia selection!

Lord & Lady Lemongrass: add fresh lemon for even more zing

Mint Green Tea: a rich and balanced blend with menthol accents

Mint Liquorice : Nice and sweet with a fresh finish

Fennel: a powerful, aniseed scent invogorating and fresh

Digestive Cocktail: maximum thirst-quenching sensation with a touch of lemon

After Party: lime, lemongrass and mint to keep you fresh until morning

Bring your iced tea everywhere with a simple glass bottle
Citrus blend tastes of summer
Lord & Lady Lemongrass, a zesty blend to brew cold or hot
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