Boîte à thé et infusions en métal Les 2 Marmottes
Boîte métallique à thé et tisanes Les 2 Marmottes
Boîte métal à thés et tisanes illustrée

Metallic infusion and tea box


Metallic infusion and tea box

Les 2 Marmottes Gift Idea

A lovely metal box to store your favourite infusions... among other things!


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The perfect gift idea

This metal presentation box has a lid and is adorned with the colours of Les 2 Marmottes: ideal for storing your favourite day-to-day infusions and teas. There's only one condition: no artificial flavours, please!

Specially developed to house 3 infusion boxes, why not offer this personalised gift to a loved one by filling it with 3 boxes of your choice? At Les 2 Marmottes, nobody will judge you if you choose to pop in a little something different (sweets, chocolates, accessories, etc.).

An idea from Les 2 Marmottes... why not pre-fill your pretty box with the herbal tea assortment of your choice? This way! Choose up to 6 different flavours from our selection.


The dimensions of the metal box are: 23 x 18 x 9 cm.