"J'adore boire la tasse" Pack
"J'adore boire la tasse" Pack

"J'adore boire la tasse" Pack

"J'adore boire la tasse" Pack

Le duo pour partir illico au dodo 

Discover our "J'adore boire la tasse" ("Loving it (this cup)") pack, consisting of a Night Fairy herbal tea and a matching mug.  


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Herbal teas and teas made in the French Alps Herbal teas with no added flavourings Experience the true taste of plants

The genuine taste of nature

With no added flavours or sugars, our fennel verbena infusion will delight your senses.

What's our secret to putting a spell on you and transporting you, as if by magic, into a night full of sweet dreams? Plants, plants, and more plants. Fennel seeds and scented verbena leaves, of course, but also chamomile flowers, orange petals, and cinnamon bark.

Tasting details

A golden yellow hue with a light greenish aspect.

A dominant aniseed scent from the fennel, followed by the floral and sweet notes of chamomile, orange, and rose, and the woody fragrance of cinnamon.

The cinnamon dominates when it comes to taste; this is accompanied by the aniseed notes of fennel and all wrapped up in a flowery note that brings fullness on the palate.

Ingredients / Packaging

Pack with 1 box and 1 mug  

Net weight : 50 g (Night Fairy box) 

Night Fairy ingredients: 30% fennel seed, 25% scented verbena, 15% orange petal, orange leaf, cinnamon bark, matricaria chamomilla, rose petal. France/Non-EU origin. 

Recyclable bags - tea bags without staples, string or labels

Infusion made in the French Alps

Blue printed mug with a quote "J'adore boire la tasse" ("Loving it (this cup)" and the Les 2 Marmottes logo on a drawing of plants. 250 ml - hand wash recommended - microwave safe