Thyme to switch!

Thyme in any season.... Especially autumn! Get ready for the new season the right way, by counting on a sunny plant: thyme! 

Autumn thyme

When leaves start to fall, and your nose starts to run, it's better to get straight to the point.

First, dig out your jumpers and scarves (yes, we know it's hard, but... it's time to draw a line on summer).

Next, take care of yourself from the inside. That means its thyme for tea.

A plant that's native to the Mediterranean, thyme is like us, it loves the sun. So when the first stirrings of autumn come, it will never admit defeat.

On the contrary: it works hard to get rid of shivers, huumidity, sore throats and colds. 1,2,3's going to be ok.

"The thyme of your life" Grandma was right.

Grandma's remedies and old wives tales might need to be taken with pinch of salt, but drinking thyme tea (add some honey and lemon too) to combat autumn and winter colds is a thing!

First used as an air purifier, thyme has proven itself as a remedy for sore throats and respiratory tract congestion since the Middle Ages.

Our Brewmasters have chosen three thyme essences and worked with whole leaves so that once brewed, this 100% thyme tea is top notch.

thyme to breathe !

Everything's gonna be alright with our Thyme to Breathe pack!

Thyme does you good

Stock up when autumn arrives and sip to feel stronger.

Our Thyme to Breathe pack contains 4 boxes to make sure you're ready for cold season, you won't even have to brave the cold to stock up.

Expert Tip? Two cups a day at home or work, for feeling good every day. Brew for 5 minutes at 100 °C... a breath of fresh air to naturally do you good, thyme after thyme.

Fall in love with autumn with our Thyme tea! 

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