We're big fans of the pretty copper colour. For several months now, we've been working on new, 100% plant-based and atrificial-flavour-free rooibos infusions.

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Rooibos originated from South Africa

What are the benefits of Rooibos in infusions?

Rooibos is a plant that grows only in South Africa, and more specifically in the Cederberg Municipality, north of Cape Town.

The 'red bush', as the Afrikaans call it, is part of Fynbos, one of the richest ecosystems in the world, with over 2000 species. What's so special about it? It's composed exclusively of bushes and herbs. Consumed for centuries by the locals, rooibos is today enjoying considerable success in the western world. And for good reason, as it's recognised as having antioxidant properties. 

Although it has inherited the name of 'red tea', this is inaccurate. The absence of theine and its very low tannin content eliminate any stimulating effect and make this a very popular drink.

Have a taste of rooibos, cafein-free drink

SUPERSTAR INFUSION:⭐ rooibos blackcurrant ⭐

A naturally nutty taste combined with the woody flavour of blackcurrant leaves, all without theine.

With a pretty copper colour, this half-shrub half-leaf infusion really packs a punch!

What kind of rooibos is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

At Les 2 Marmottes, our brewmasters are also rooibosmasters!

Our rooibos is farmed in the hot lands of South Africa.

The stems and leaves of the rooibos bush are harvested and then quickly crushed and oxidised in the sun.

This step brings the beautiful red colour to our herbal teas.

Once dried, we then get to work concocting original recipes just for you.

Les 2 Marmottes love rooibos
Rooibos : are you team apple ou team blackcurrrant ?
Dried rooibos is not a tea, but is used in herbal blends

In which recipes do our brewmasters use rooibos?

With a naturally nutty taste and a beautiful copper colour... our brewmasters needed no encouragement to mix rooibos with floral and sweet notes. In our new Rooibos Blackcurrant tea, we've teamed it the woody flavour of blackcurrant leaves. A 100% herbal brew for cosy days and nights at home. Grab a branch! This half-shrub, half-leaf infusion is sure to become your new go-to brew! 

Our flagship winter herbal tea, Apple& Cinnamon, offers a perfect balance between the sweetness of apple and the spiced flavour of rooibos. An infusion that can satisfy your sweet cravings with no added sugars... what more could you ask for!? To be enjoyed without moderation throughout the day. 

Cheeky Cocoa is a new addition to our collection! Cocoa bark, rooibos, and liquorice come together in this very indulgent blend. An infusion with no added sugar and no lactose. Indulge guilt-free. This is our philosophy here at Les 2 Marmottes.

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