Jasmine flower

To see these pretty flowers, you have to get up early or stay up late, because Jasmine flowers only open at night! But rest assured, once it's in your cup, jasmine is no longer a night owl: its fragrance and benefits can be enjoyed at any time of day!

White jasmine flowers infuse the green tea with their subtle perfume

What are the benefits of jasmine in tea?

While its beautiful flowers have long caught the eye (and nose) of perfumers and cosmetics brands, jasmine has also been used for centuries for its calming properties. It can soothe digestion, relieve anxiety, aid sleep, relieve stress, relax the body and mind: jasmine is the very, very zen!

With its bewitching fragrance, jasmine is also a symbol of love, temptation, purity and strength... but it can also be fresh and refined, especially when accompanied by a delicate green tea.

What kind of jasmine is used in Les 2 Marmottes teas?

The starry flowers of organic jasmine, selected by our brewmasters, grow on a shrub with dark green leaves.

These precious organic jasmine flowers are fragile and deliciously fragrant so we handle them with the utmost care. They're picked at the best time of day, just as they begin to open, then they're expertly dried.

The next step? Meeting our green tea leaves. Little by little, step by step, simply by touching it, the organic jasmine flowers subtly perfume the green tea. So the magic happens in the cup! 

Marmot jasmine tea is made in france
Jasmine flowers are the part of the plant used for jasmine tea
Les bienfaits de la mélisse en infusion

In which blends do our brewmasters use jasmine?

It blossoms in our Flir'Tea Jasmine,  revealing its delicate fragrance in an instant. Blending green tea and jasmine is not a new idea: jasmine tea is thousands of years old, it's said to have been created during the Song dynasty (960-1279) in China - undoubtedly one of the oldest fragrant teas in the world!

So clearly we had to add it to our collection! It doesn't even need modernising: its sweet, fresh taste is both hydrating and comforting!

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