Black Tea

Black tea is one of the most consumed teas in the West, especially in the English-speaking world Farmed mostly in China, these tea leaves are used in several of our brews, which are always guaranteed 100% herbal and with no added flavours.

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Hello Camellia !

What are the benefits of black tea?

First of all, it's important to know that all varieties of tea come from one and the same shrub: the Camellia sinensis.

Better known as the 'tea tree', this species native to Asia has been farmed for centuries for its leaves, which, once oxidised and dried, are used to prepare tea. 

And today black tea has certainly caught the eyes of our brewmasters. It's recognised for several benefits. Its wealth of antioxidants and the theine provide diuretic and stimulating effects.

Tasty apple + tasty rooibos + tasty cinnamon = great tea


With quality ingredients, a strong flavour, and notes of sweet spices and malt, our tea plays in the big league.

Wake up with Assam!

What kind of black tea is used by Les 2 Marmottes?

What's the difference between green tea and black tea? Simply the degree of oxidation.

Once the leaves have been picked, they are withered and rolled in order to promote oxidation.

This step gives the leaves their black colour and intense black tea flavour. A heat source is then applied to stop the oxidation and dry them out.

With all these steps complete, the leaves are brought to our workshops. A great quality organic black tea to delight our brewmasters. 

Apple&Cinnamon herbal blend for tea
Inside a tea bag full of dried apples
Les bienfaits de la mélisse en infusion

In which recipes do our brewmasters use black tea?

Our organic black tea is used in two of our recipes.

Breakfast Tea is a black Assam tea to consume in the morning for an invigorating wake-up call. To create this recipe, our brewmasters travelled to the plantations of India's Assam region, where the tropical climate and fertile land produce exceptional teas. With notes of sweet spices and malt, our Breakfast Tea plays in the big league!

Our Chai Tea is a comforting and full-bodied black tea with character, featuring notes of Chinese cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper. This brew will bring back childhood memories for some. 

So, what are you waiting for? Bottoms up!

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