Summer Saga at Les 2 Marmottes (1/4) - Cheers to cold brews!

Our brewmasters have taken on the mission of reinventing the traditional apéritif using cold infusions. 100% plant-based recipes, with no added flavours, to enjoy at will, all summer long. 


Healthy drinks for summer parties

A party without alcohol is much more crazy!

Good news, here at the burrow we're reinventing the apéritif.

Adios to sugar-laden alcoholic drinks, with Les 2 Marmottes you can have 100% herbal drinks with no added sugar.

Refreshing, healthy, natural drinks to quench your thirst and add colour to your evening. 

They're easy to make too. Simply brew our blends for 30 minutes, directly in cold water.

Not only will our teas make you feel good, you'll also be sipping an environmentally friendly beverage that's plastic-free and comes in recyclable sachets.

Fancy a drink?

Tonight it's Yam's night with a cold brew cocktail party until late late late! Tonight, let's raise a glass to Cocktail Digest and be carried away by notes of green aniseed, fennel and sage. 

A festive digestive!  With our Fennel cold brew life is good, cheer's to that!

If you need to freshen up, and want to avoid that morning after the night before feeling, try our After Party blend. 

Or how about a calm evening looking out to sea. The perfect time to let life flow, sip a little Peace Granny and wait for the sun to set.

It's still summer, right?

No sugar tasty drink
Herbal teas can be made in cold water for fresh drinks
Wine ? No, herbal tea !
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