LET'S GO! : well-being Les 2 Marmottes style

1 pack, 4 blends and one goal: feeling good! It's time to discover our little ritual of special body care teas.


Wellness infusions

We all have our little secrets: that miracle night cream. That yoga position we use to see things from different angles. Meditation morning, noon and night. Grandma Paulette's fresh egg shampoo. The piece of music that puts you in a good mood... For our Marmots it's a pack of 4, 100% plant blends to enhance your well-being all year long.  

Need a boost?

Need a little help to get in the right headspace? Walking through fog morning to night? Feel like you're moving in slow motion? Then you need a Rosehip Hibiscus tea right now! When you wake up, its fruity taste is a real boost. Tangy notes of hibiscus will awaken your taste buds and mind in the blink of an eye. 

It's time to start over

An aperitif with your girlfriends, a mojito night with your workmates, burgers with the girls: we all have those little blow outs we'd like to get rid of fast.

You can count on Les 2 Marmottes to help you detox.

With our cocktail of turmeric, rosemary and lemongrass, Detox and You is great for both your liver and gallbladder.

Try it: 3 cups per day for two weeks, the ideal reset. 

Body care herbal teas
Marmots enjoy some downtime too !
4 herbal blends for wellness

Want to do something good for your legs?

Although grapes tend to lord it over grape leaves, the latter are far from having said their last word. For quite some time now, we have been interested in their benefits... Researchers have now revealed that vine leaves contain a lot of polyphenols and flavonoids: both great news for your circulation. So we created out organic Red Vine tea to help you with 'heavy legs'. 

Get in shape for summer

Let's face it, when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, we want to make the most of being outside and getting in shape. Les 2 Marmottes have decided to give you a little help to lose weight.

Our ritual is really not complicated: for Just drink 4 cups of our Back in Shape tea every day for two weeks (naturally you'll also watch what you eat and try and to have a healthy lifestyle)*. You can trust the green tea and rose petals in it to gently flush out your toxins.

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