Summer saga at Les 2 Marmottes (2/4) - Taking the plunge

The suitcase is packed, the car is loaded, the children are overexcited... For many of you, the holidays have already begun. Les 2 Marmottes is a great addition to any day out - by the sea, lakes etc.


Cold brews for summer

The seaside comes to the burrow

Les 2 Marmottes has created blends that are simple to prepare, easy to transport and delicious, wherever you drink them. 

Our cold infusions are 100% herbal, with no added flavours.

Brew them directly in cold water, for 30 minutes, to give the plants time to reveal all their flavours.

All our blends are created in Haute-Savoie, and they're now ready to travel wherever you go...Enjoy! 

Your beach bag checklist

Everything you need for a good day out at the seaside or lakes should be in your bag. Here's a handy checklist so you can make the most of your day. 

- Swimsuit 

- Beach towel 

- Sunscreen, SPF 50

- Picnic 

- Sunglasses 

- Beach games 

And for hydration.... Cold brews are essential! *

Our Organic Mint Green Tea is the perfect drink for afternoons at the beach. Sweet mint and peppermint are cool and refreshing all day long.

Fennel cold brew will help you digest once the picnic is over.

And for the little ones, a fruity drink with no added sugar: Fruit Cocktail with its winning blend of raspberry, cranberry and blackcurrant. A real treat. Our mouths are watering... 

Blends to brew directly in our transparent glass flask. 

Because this summer, we've really thought of everything! 

Have a natural healthy drink
Say goodbye to sodas, hello to herbal teas
summer times with herbal teas
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