Blackcurrant Leaf

The Mediterranean climate allows this plant to flourish for a good part of the year and to be harvested at the end of spring.

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Tasty blackcurrant leaves

What are the benefits of blackcurrant leaf?

This plant, long unknown to the Greeks and Romans, was only discovered in the 12th century and was then widely used for its medicinal properties.

Blackcurrant leaves are traditionnally used for joint comfort, and is famous for helping the blood flow. If the unpleasant sensation of pain and "heavy legs" rings a bell... 

Rooibos blend with blackcurrant leaves


A naturally nutty taste combined with the woody flavour of blackcurrant leaves, all without theine.

With a pretty copper colour, this half-shrub half-leaf infusion really packs a punch!

Which blackcurrant leaf is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

To harvest the blackcurrant leaf, our brewmasters travel to the Drôme region of southeastern France each year.

The harvest is closely supervised by our local producer, who has been providing us with all his know-how on the harvesting of this leaf for 20 years.

That's right, at Les 2 Marmottes, we love a collaboration that goes the distance! Once harvested and analysed by independent laboratories, the blackcurrant leaves are then cut, sieved, and blended into sweet, floral, and fruity brews. 

Herbal teas with blackcurrant leaves
Look at that dried blackcurrant leaves before they take a dip in you cup of tea
2 blends with blackcurrant leaves

In which recipes do our brewmasters use blackcurrant leaf?

The subtle taste of blackcurrant leaf blends perfectly with other plants, such as lavender, in our Peace Granny blend.

If you're looking for a fruitier and more indulgent blend, opt for our Fruit Blend, where blackcurrant leaf, hibiscus flower, and raspberry intertwine for your greatest gustatory pleasure. 

Two blends that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. When the summer sets in, let your sachets steep for 30 minutes in cold water and enjoy a thirst-quenching treat at any time of the day.   

And since our brewmasters are not short of ideas, they've concocted a brand-new recipe: rooibos blackcurrant. The nutty taste of rooibos combines perfectly with the woody flavour of the blackcurrant leaves. Brew for 5 minutes at 100C° and enjoy! 

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