Every part of the fennel is good, from the bulb to the feathery fronds. But it's the seeds that our brewmasters want for their powerful and aniseed taste. Les 2 Marmottes works directly with a family farm in Provence that has been growing fennel for 3 generations. 

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Pretty yellow fennel flowers will soon turn into seeds that will be used in herbal teas

What are the benefits of fennel in infusions?

The benefits of this perennial plant were already being fought over in Ancient Rome, where a fennel crown was awarded to the best gladiator. Infused cold or hot, fennel seeds are the ultimate ally of our digestive system.

3 cups a day is enough to aid digestion, all with no caffeine! Fennel infusions are also known to aid breastfeeding. However, be careful if you're hypersensitive to umbellifers.

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Infused cold or hot, fennel seeds boast a powerful aniseed flavour. What's more, they're great for digestion!

Don't forget: for every good meal a good digestive!

What kind of fennel is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

Les 2 Marmottes works directly with a family farm in Provence that has been growing fennel for 3 generations. We know exactly where our little seeds come from, and we're proud of that.

Fennel and Les 2 Marmottes... it's a long love story. Our brewmasters have a soft spot for these seeds and their subtle taste of anise, bringing you a touch of freshness in the summer with a cold brew and cosy comfort in winter with a hot cuppa.

In each flower, there's a seed. A set of flowers forms an umbel, which looks a bit like a yellow umbrella. An umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh, eh) to protect the seeds from the sun, which is necessary for flowering but could burn them without a little safeguarding. A subtle balance that we manage to achieve on our own land.

Soon-to-be fennel seeds
Baby fennel gotta grow strong
Pretty tasty yummy fennel seeds

In which recipes do our brewmasters use fennel?

Fennel is great throughout the day:

- after a hearty meal in our Digestive Cocktail

- and for a good sleep with Night Fairy 

A 100% fennel infusion is the ideal after-meal antidote to make you feel as light as a feather.

A sign that does not deceive: this darling of our herbarium is present in all our gift boxes! The anise is green with envy...

A few words from a brewmaster. Richard: The seed master!

"We've been working directly with the same farmer for over 35 years to get the best seeds.

We cultivate our own plots of sunny soil in the Vaucluse region, which we visit twice a year during flowering and the harvest.

In total, almost 20 hectares are devoted to Les 2 Marmottes, and after each harvest we keep about 150 kg of seeds to re-seed the following year.

What we've managed to achieve, year after year, is a fresh yet understated aniseed taste. Some people who don't usually like fennel appreciate our infusions as the fragrance is very subtle.

The time of the harvest is very important because if the seed 'cracks', the taste can be too astringent, which is much less pleasant.

Frankly, our fennel is the best, in a hot or cold infusion. End of story."

The fennel field in the south region of France
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