Our brewmasters are experts in complex blends, but sometimes simplicity is key. Chamomile is a little no-fuss flower that unveils its delicate fragrance when immersed in hot water. 

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Pretty chamomile flowers grown in France

What are the benefits of chamomile in infusions?

Used for centuries for its medicinal properties, chamomile is known for its sweetness as well as its relaxing and digestive benefits.

Our ancestors attributed many virtues to it, including muscle relaxing powers and an ability to provide a calm night's sleep.

Today, chamomile is recommended in the evening because it facilitates a good night's sleep. 3 cups per day will provide a relaxing effect. Time to unwind with a hot cuppa!

Chamomile herbal tea : Night Fairy


Chamomile is combined with fennel, verbena, and orange blossom petals to create a magical concoction.

Time for a dreamy night's sleep!

What chamomile is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

We have German chamomile, recognisable by its flower heads, and Roman chamomile, a kind of white pompon with a strong scent.

While both varieties are known for their soothing properties, our brewmasters prefer the more delicate flavour of German chamomile.

The head of the flower including the petals is used. The plants are harvested in full bloom, starting in June.

Chamomile flowers picked from the field
From the chamomile field to herbal teas, step 1
Chamomile herbal teas with no added flavourings

In which recipes do our brewmasters use chamomile?

Chamomile is used in our before bed blends, such as Night Fairy.

The subtle flavour blends with other flowers such as orange, linden, or the more lemony notes of verbena.

Purists in search of fully flowery flavours will opt for our German chamomile: a classic herbal tea ingredient, with no added flavours... once immersed in hot water, it'll guarantee a night of sweet dreams. Brewing for 5 minutes at 100°C removes all the bitterness and gives it a light honey taste.

Rat race... lovely cup of chamomile... then bed!

A few words from a brewmaster, Richard: Guardian of the chamomile...

"Les 2 Marmottes doesn't work with middle men, we know our producers inside out!

Chamomile is the perfect plant for our soothing infusions. At Les 2 Marmottes, we receive it whole, our aim being to reduce the size of the stem as much as possible, because it's the tops - the head of the flower including the petals - that interest us most.

To guarantee utmost quality, we work directly with a local producer who has started growing AMPs (aromatic and medicinal plants) in Isère, to whom we supply Egyptian seeds that correspond to our requirements. We've been working hand in hand for several years to farm plots just for our infusions.

Together, we've learned to grow and harvest a chamomile that is very much in tune with our expectations, both in terms of flavour (that little taste of honey) and in terms of health benefits, making it perfect for our evening brews."

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