Our brewmasters work with dried raspberry pieces to take advantage of all their freshness and acidity in our recipes without ever adding any flavouring. 

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Raspberry fruits, once dried, are used in our fruity blends

What are the benefits of raspberry in infusions?

It was during the Renaissance, in the mountainous areas of Western Europe, that the raspberry began gradually making its way into our gardens.

Mainly grown for its fragrance and medicinal properties, this polydrupe (the name given by botanists) was eventually exploited to make drinks.

It wasn't until the 19th century that raspberry became a common delicacy in France. Rich in vitamin C, it's also an excellent source of minerals. 

Fruit blend herbal tea


A healthy and tasty infusion, ideal snack time, with the real taste of red berries.

No artificial ingredients, no colouring, no added sugar. No kidding.

What kind of raspberries are used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

Several varieties exist, with various sized fruits and sweetness levels.

It contains a unique sour pulp and is covered with microscopic hairs giving it an enticing appearance.

Harvesting begins in June and can go on until September in some regions.

Spot the raspberry ! Hint : no added flavourings in this tea bags
Fruit blend, herbal tea with real fruits
Dried raspberry is very tasty in herbal teas

In which recipe do our brewmasters use raspberries?

Add a little natural colour to your days with our Fruit Blend infusion; 100% plant-based and with no artifical colouring.

In this recipe, raspberry shares the spotlight with blackcurrant and cranberry for a delicious, fruity, and healthy drink!

Enjoy as a hot steaming cuppa, or brew it directly in cold water for 30 minutes. 

A blend that you can also find in our 'Summer Infusion' box, to stay fresh as a daisy whatever the weather. 

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