Summer Saga at Les 2 Marmottes (3/4) - Head to the mountains this summer!

Forget all that annoying sand this summer! Head to the most beautiful summits og the Alps for hikes galore.

The mountains is our favourite place to spend the summer!


Hiking in the French Alps in summer

3 km on foot, isn't tiring, it's fun!

Ah, the mountains, no cities, no noise, just lush mountain pastures and nature as far as the eye can see.

We might be a little biased, but you have to agree the Chablais Alps offer idyllic panoramas for a lush green summer. 

Whether you're just starting out or have been hiking for several years, there's plenty to do.

Put on your boots, do up your rucksack, slap on your sun cream (because at altitude, believe us the sun is unforgiving) and pour a lovely cold brew into your drinking bottle.  

Hiking to summits is fun but tiring!

After all your effort you need a little comfort!

It's impossible to imagine a mountain picnic without good local products.

On the menu: a mountain cheese, some local cold meats and fresh French bread. The essential hiking lunch in the Alps. And as a bonus, you might even get to glimpse Mont-Blanc. The perfect opportunity to get out your binoculars and take a look around. 

To make your break even more enjoyable, here 's our selection of cold brews.

Mint Liquorice for a sweet moment, Cocktail Digest and Fennel to ensure a certain lightness on the way down or Mint Green Tea for that refreshed feeling.

Now you're ready to take on the mountain trails again. 

Bring your favorite herbal blend
Best place to have a sip : at the top !
Healthy picnic for tired hikers
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