Sleep Tight Pack
Sleep Tight Pack

Sleep Tight Pack

Sleep Tight Pack

4 brews to help you sleep like a marmot 

Discover our 4 100% plant-based recipes to help you gently unwind at the end of a long day. 


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Herbal teas and teas made in the French Alps Herbal teas with no added flavourings Experience the true taste of plants

The genuine taste of nature

Our grandmothers' favourite herbal teas!

A selection of herbal teas to help you get a good night's sleep... who could be better for the job than Les 2 Marmottes? You'll find 4 delicious house brews in this pack designed to send you off gently to the land of nod. Verbena, orange petals, linden... at Les 2 Marmottes, we've always been big believers in the power of plants and nature!

With the 7 plants of our MARMOT HERBAL TEA, including linden, verbena, and orange petals, you can relax, unwind, and let your worries slide.

NIGHT FAIRY: fennel, verbena, orange blossom petals... a magical bouquet for a dreamy night's sleep. Zzzzzzz...

1,2,3...SLEEP! is a soothing combo for a restful night's sleep.

A delicious moment of calm with our VERBENA infusion

Health benefits

At Les 2 Marmottes, everything is home-made. Our brewmasters taste, cut, sift, and combine more than 50 plants in our workshops in France's Haute-Savoie region.

There's no need for added flavouring when quality plants are selected from their native soil and according to the season.


120 bags (4 boxes x 30 teabags)

Pack of 4 boxes - Sleep Tight: a selection of plants for a good night's sleep

Net weight: 46 g (Verbena) + 46 g (Marmot Herbal Tea) + 50 g (Night Fairy) + 36 g (1,2,3...SLEEP!), for a total of 178 g - 4 x Boxes of 30 teabags

Ingredients in each box:

VERBENA (30 teabags) - Ingredients: 100% scented verbena*. Origin: France/Morocco *100% organic ingredients. FR-BIO-15.

MARMOT HERBAL TEA (30 teabags) - Ingredients: 20% linden, 20% scented verbena, peppermint, hibiscus flower, rosehip, German chamomile, 4% orange petal. EU/Non-EU origin.

NIGHT FAIRY (30 teabags) - Ingredients: 30% fennel seed, 25% scented verbena, 15% orange petal, orange leaf, cinnamon bark, matricaria chamomilla, rose petal. France/Non-EU origin.  

1,2,3...SLEEP! (30 teabags) - Ingredients: 35% lemon balm leaf, 22% lemon, 20% chamomile, lemongrass, rooibos, stevia leaf. EU/Non-EU origin

Recyclable wrappers, tea bags contain no staples nor strings.

Herbal teas made in the French Alps (Haute-Savoie)