A powerful plant that inspires many confectioners and chefs, and our brewmasters love to work it into our various blends.

Take a look at our Eucalyptus infusions

Eucalyptus leaves

What kind of Eucalyptus is used in infusions?

Originally from Australia and also called the 'Blue Gum Tree', eucalyptus has spread throughout the Mediterranean countries, especially Spain.

Harvesting its leaves mainly takes place in spring and early summer.

And we have to be able to get up high as some trees, with their stunning grey-green foliage, can grow to almost 200 feet tall.  

Après-Ski thyme and lemon winter infusion mug


An infusion to warm the body and soul.

With the woody power of thyme, lemon notes, and the freshness of eucalyptus... we've got a perfect balance!

Schuss !

Why is Eucalyptus used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

The notes brought by the eucalyptus plunge us into the heart of nature with aromas of the forest and camphor.

It is always paired with other flavours to make entirely indulgent aromatic duos.

It can also be mixed with thyme and mint for totally invigorating taste combinations.  

After party herbal tea
Eucalyptus leaves
Eucalyptus in herbal teas

In which recipes do our brewmasters use eucalyptus?

Have we told you about our latest product, the Après-Ski infusion?

It took less than three months for our brewmasters to come up with this brand new recipe; infuse for 5 minutes. The perfect balance between thyme, lemon, and eucalyptus, for an infusion that fits the season perfectly.

We're big fans of eucalyptus, and we love to mix it with other ingredients.

It goes perfectly with ginger in our Seventh Heaven infusion, with cinnamon in Winter Chill, or with rosemary and mint in After Party.

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