Summer Saga at Les 2 Marmottes (4/4) - Anytime is a good time!

This summer, we've been pretty busy creating our 100% plant, 100% refreshing blends for you to enjoy, wherever you go this summer. Any time is good time for a cold brew!

Our cold brews


Healthy drinks for summer parties

Cheers to cold brews

Good news, here at the burrow we're reinventing the apéritif.

Adios to sugar-laden alcoholic drinks, with Les 2 Marmottes you can have 100% herbal drinks with no added sugar.

Tonight, let's raise a glass to Cocktail Digest and be carried away by notes of green aniseed, fennel and sage. A festive digestive! Our cold fennel infusion makes us want to say cheers over and over again - with our loved ones of course!

And to ease you into the morning after the night before, try our specially created: After Party. 

Taking the plunge

Everything you need for a good day out at the seaside or lakes should be in your bag.  A bathing suit, beach towel, sun cream, sunglasses and for hydration ... cold brews, it's obvious!

Our Organic Mint Green Tea is the perfect drink for afternoons at the beach. Sweet mint and peppermint are cool and refreshing.

Fennel cold brew will help you digest once the picnic is over.

And for the little ones, a fruity drink with no added sugar: Fruit Cocktail with its winning blend of raspberry, cranberry and blackcurrant. A real treat. Our mouths are watering... 

Healthy drinks for summer at the beach
Healthy drinks for hiking in summer

Head to the mountains this summer

Whether you are just starting out or have been hiking for several years, the Chablais Alps is the place to be for a lush green summer. 

Put on your shoes, pack your rucksack and make sure you've got some lovely refreshing cold brews. 

Mint Liquorice for a sweet moment, Cocktail Digest and Fennel to ensure a certain lightness on the way down or Mint Green Tea for that refreshed feeling.

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