Also known as rose haw or dog rose, rosehip is a false fruit... But don't worry, it's a really delicious in herbal tea and excellent for your immune system!

rosehip false fruit can be used in herbal teas

What are the benefits of rosehip in herbal teas?

In France rosehip has a funny nickname - it's called the butt-scratcher because it has annoying little hairs. Crazy eh?

Though it may be a false fruit, it's a multi-talented one: in jam, soup or herbal tea, it has a tasty finish and so many benefits. Nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids: rosehip infusions are your best friend!

What kind of rosehip is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

Nature knows best, the rosehip grows wild. It is not uncommon to come across it in hedgerows on the edge of meadows or in mountain copses.

This wild rose starts to produce red berries in early autumn.

But rosehips can be harvested as late as January. The secret is to wait for the first frost to harvest it: the cold tends to soften the bud.

The french marmot calls rosehip "butt-scratcher"
Rosehip red fruit is full of nutrients
Why drink rosehip tea?

In which blends do our brewmasters use rosehip?

Rosehip is so tasty that our brewmasters have added them to several famous recipes!

Unsurprisingly, the first thing that springs to mind is our Rosehip - Hibiscus herbal tea, where fruit and flowers get along so famously you can taste it! A guaranteed boost for those who drag their feet in the morning.

But rosehip has also found its way into our Boost Me Infusion, where, again alongside hibiscus, it plays the energy card with lemon balm, guarana and ginger as back up!

Fruit Blend, with its cheerful, tangy cocktail, also gives rosehip pride of place.

Les 2 Marmottes infusion showcases rosehip's mountain side! While in Yodie to bed little one, this wild berry calms down budding brewmasters with its yummy taste.

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