Lemon Peel

Long neglected, lemon peel, or 'lemon zest', is now widely used in the kitchen, in essential oils, and in infusions. Did you know that in addition to its delicious taste, the lemon has many virtues and health benefits?

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Lemon, a beloved ingredient of natural herbal teas

What are the benefits of lemon in infusions?

Les 2 Marmottes infusions with lemon peel will give you a boost to help you face the winter! 

Just the thought of biting into one makes you grit your teeth!

Sunny yellow lemons remind us of the warmth of the Med... this fruit belongs to the citrus family and is grown on a lemon tree, which is a thorny evergreen shrub.

Native to India and China, the lemon tree was once used as an ornamental plant in gardens. The lemon was later used in food and in seasonings.

Today, it's grown all over the world and its use has multiplied. For our infusions, we love the peel. 

Après ski, lemon herbal tea


 With the woody power of thyme, lemon notes, and the freshness of eucalyptus... we've got a perfect balance!

In addition, Les 2 Marmottes donates €0,50 to the Enfance & Montagne foundation for each Après-Ski box purchased.

What kind of lemon peel is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

Our brewmasters head to Senegal to find it, and the variety used is called the Citrus Limon. This medium-sized tree flowers several times a year. 

When lemons are harvested, absolutely nothing goes to waste. Once collected, it is then pressed. The peel is then collected, dried, and ground. Once it arrives at our workshop, it is worked and mixed with other plants.

The lemony taste, acidity, and intensity are distinctive in each of our recipes, with absolutely no added flavourings.

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Lemon herbal teas
Dried lemon peel = tasty teas

In which recipes is lemon peel used?

Its sweet taste has given our brewmasters plenty of ideas for sun-kissed recipes. 

How about a Lord & Lady Lemongrass or a Citrus infusion to boost your energy levels with their 100% plant and fruit blends?

But you'll also appreciate the lemon peel in our Winter Chill and Après-Ski brews.

These two winter drinks, born of our beautiful mountains, will warm the bodies and minds of even the chilliest souls.

And to show we mean business, a new one: Detox and You! Your liver will thank you!

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