There are more than 100 types of hibiscus. The one that has truly captured the imagination of our brewmasters is hibiscus sabdariffa (also called Guinea sorrel).

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Hibiscus flowers are traditionnaly used to fight insomnia

What are the benefits of hibiscus in infusions?

Recognised since ancient times, hibiscus is a member of the Malvaceae family.

Egyptians and Asian peoples grew it mainly for decorative purposes, but also for its culinary and medicinal properties.

It has long been known to help fight insomnia and to reduce blood pressure.

Today, it is widely consumed in herbal teas. 

Boost Me, your pick-me-up morning herbal tea


Your morning infusion par excellence, bring on the boost!

An invigorating and colourful start to the day. 

What kind of hibiscus is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

Its farming first developed in South-East Asia and then spread to Africa.

Once harvested, hibiscus is dried, cut, sifted, and blended into invigorating brews. 

Once brewed, it brings a bright red colour to your cup, and the tangy notes allow us to make some of the amazing mixtures we love so much!

Hibiscus herbal teas
ROSEHIP & HIBISCUS herbal tea made in France
Dried hibiscus - ready to take the plunge in your herbal tea

In which recipes do our brewmasters use hibiscus?

Our brewmasters harvest hibiscus every year so that you can enjoy it in our 100% plant-based recipes, always without added flavours.

The combination of plants in our Rosehip Hibiscus infusion makes it the ideal wake-up drink to ensure an invigorating day. 

The mini marmots also love the hibiscus flower. In our brand new Tutti Blossom brew, it's mixed with the sweetness of elderflower and the roundness of raspberry for a floral and fruity infusion with no added sugar!

You can also prolong the summer with our Citrus infusion. Zest, fruits, and... (hibiscus!) flowers make a healthy drink with zero artificial colouring: Les 2 Marmottes' honour! 

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