Native to southern India and Sri Lanka, lemongrass grows in the sunlight of the tropics. Nicknamed "Indian verbena", it doesn't just season dishes or flavour herbal teas - it calms (almost) everything in its path!

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What are the benefits of lemongrass in infusions?

Lemongrass gives you wings because of its many virtues.

Known to combat digestive issues and lessen cramps and flatulence, it is also used in the West Indies to reduce fever and treat Indian ringworm.

Used as a poultice, it could also ease joint pain... In short, lemongrass does good wherever it goes!

What kind of lemongrass is used in Les 2 Marmottes infusions?

Lemongrass has an unusual appearance, like a cross between a leek, papyrus and giant tufts of grass, beneath it's strange exterior lies a bewitching aroma.

It's this unique taste, reminiscent of lemon but less acidic, that our 2 Marmottes have uncovered over time.

Deliciously aromatic, lemongrass stems have naturally found their place in some of our infusions. 

Marmot going along a lemongrass plant
2 marmots working on LemonGrass
LemonGrass Benefits

In which recipes do our brewmasters use lemongrass?

Whether it's present in full force, like in our Detox & You blend, or more discreet (for example in our Citrus infusion), the taste of lemongrass never goes unnoticed.

Because it's peppy but never aggressive, it can easily be at home in characterful blends like 7th Heaven, sneak in among the plants in Time Out or melt into the cheery fruit-and-flower cocktail of our Tutti Blossom herbal tea.

Always good at calming things down, lemongrass shares the stage with lemon balm, lemon and chamomile in 1,2,3...Sleep.

Finally, its legendary freshness and slightly tangy taste make it an ideal partner for invigorating infusions such as After Party or Lemon-Ginger.

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