A nice cup of herbal tea and off to bed!

Lime, verbena, clove, chamomile, orange blossom, lemon balm, lavender, lemongrass ... here's some more info on plants that help us sleep.

Bedtime blends


Falling asleep with plants

To sleep soundly, you can:

- Count sheep?

- Wait for the sandman to come (he's often on strike though...)?

- Trust in the benefits of plants?

We're told that around one third of adults suffer from occasional insomnia. To avoid all those sleepless nights of brooding, we came up with an evening ritual. The aim? To relax, feel good and unwind before going to bed.

1- Put on your PJs

2- Magic away all your screens (or turn them off)

3- Turn down the lights

4- Pour yoursef a cup of Les 2 Marmottes 100% herbal tea

5- Drift off to Morpheus (he hates it when people are late)

A little routine to help you press pause on everything going round in your mind before diving under the covers for a restful night.

The best herbal teas for a good night's sleep

As you can see, the idea is to choose plants with soothing benefits that promote sleep.

Chamomile, verbena or lime, are the first to spring to ming, they're all sleep superstars! But they are far from being alone...

Take lemongrass, for example: among snoozers, it has a reputation for making you fall asleep instantly. As for lavender, it is said that it was used in hospitals in the past to help patients sleep after an operation.

Orange petals are also often underestimated: beyond their bewitching scent, they are also known for their relaxing properties. That's why we put it in our Marmot Herbal Tea. Clove is the same: its intense woody and fruity notes comfort from head to toe. 

Infusion gingembre 7e ciel, pour une soirée détonante
Une soirée tranquille avec un livre et une tisane au coin du feu
Frisson d'hiver, une infusion cannelle, thym et girofle pour les frileux

The plant of choice our Grannies have been using for eons.

In fact our Grannies know a lot about plant benefits full stop. Just open their cupboards or rummage through their drawers to find out: they almost always have a box of chamomile tea to hand.

On Grandmother's Day, why not introduce them to our chamomile blends for a new taste? It is found in our Night Fairy infusion, in the company of fennel, verbena (its long-time bestie), orange petals, cinnamon bark and rose petals. A divine cocktail for a calm and peaceful night!

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