Les 2 Marmottes and our small producers: no added flavourings ever

Les 2 Marmottes are convinced that it is now possible to indulge while taking care of yourself and your surroundings. Drinking a Les 2 Marmottes herbal tea or tea is a simple way to reconnect with nature. And our small producers would say the same.

Because without them, there's no harvest. No harvests = no teas. Let's take a closer look at the people who care for our beautiful young plants and in doing so take care of us. 



Mint in the field

100% herbs with no added flavours

At Les 2 Marmottes, our primary objective is to guarantee quality taste for you with our  100% herbal teas and infusion with no added flavourings, ever.

To do this, we need to harvest the best from the plants. We prioritise small-scale producers and encourage friendly-sized companies that share our passion and commitment to great taste, while meeting our requirements.

We've been working with them for several years (some of them for two generations!).

They keep a close eye on our raw materials to ensure that they flourish while respecting our plants. These heirs to ancestral tradition demonstrate their exceptional meticulousness every day. 

Meet our producers

Let's start with our best after dinner friend, Fennel.

Our 2 marmots have been visiting this family farm in Provence for two decades and harvesting the seeds that have been so carefully cultivated by this family. Once the harvest has been delivered, you'll find this plant's benefits in our Fennel, Night Fairy and Digestive Cocktail herbal teas. 

Further north in France, in the small village of Milly-la-Forêt, we're drawn to the powerful, intoxicating scent of peppermint, grown by Alain.

It's only 5 am but our producer is already on the alert. To keep this plant's freshness locked in, you need to be up early!

Once cut and sieved, it is then used in many of our blends such as Mint Lime Verbenaand Les Marmottes Special Blend. Other plants are also picked from small producers in the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region, we're proud to be working with them and showcasing their expertise. 

As for chamomile, Aurélien takes care of his field of flowers in Isère in eastern France.

Infusion gingembre 7e ciel, pour une soirée détonante
Une soirée tranquille avec un livre et une tisane au coin du feu
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