Halloween, magic boxes and indulgent blends

A box in autumn colours, an indulgent collection and samples coming soon: 3 good reasons to discover our magic potions for Halloween!


Automn box

Abracadabra... And the autumn/winter pack will appear!

To enchant autumn and defy winter, our brewmasters have created a particularly enchanting, seasonal box.

Thyme, Fennel, Cocktail Digest, Boost Me, Winter Chill, Marmot Herbal Tea, Chamomile: to drink as you see fit!

With this magical assortment of 8 herbal teas (72 bags in total), you can enjoy the power of plants day after day without getting fed-up with a routine. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the sweetest of them all?

When the weather is gloomy, the cold sets in, and you're feeling a bit low, sometimes all you need is something sweet to put a smile back on your face.

A comfortable sofa, a good slice of cake, a gourmet apple-cinnamon or Chai tea...you're there!

Treat yourself to our collection of gourmet flavoured teas today... and fall in love!

Herbal teas for fall season
Plants for herbal teas
Halloween blends

It's all about the taste!

Whether it's Halloween or not,  we aren't keen on playing with plants or concocting potions with strange ingredients.

Les 2 Marmottes teas contain no added flavours because we want the true taste of plants, fruit and spices to shine through.

Try it for yourself, you'll soon want them all!

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