The 2 Marmottes playlist to fall asleep

It's a ritual that we forget as we grow up, and yet... lullabies can help us fall asleep!

Combined with 100% herbal infusions, they could well become your favorite evening ritual...

“A sweet song that my mother sang to me. Sucking my thumb, I listened as I fell asleep..."

This ballad by Henri Salvador is like our After Party infusion: sweet and fresh at the same time (thank you Sweet Mint!), soothing and invigorating. A joyful chorus to listen to and enjoy in the evening before a good night's sleep.

“Since we have gotten older, there are no more sand merchants” tells us the Quebec singer…

To replace him, we suggest a few musical notes, incisive lyrics and an herbal tea that does not lack spice (like Lynda Lemay!). With Seventh Heaven infusion, let us go to the clouds, for sweet dreams under the duvet.

With 5 Grammy Awards for her first album, Norah Jones is a singing fairy!

Her magic wand is her piano. We advise you to accompany this musical interlude with a Night Fairy infusion with orange petals, just as sultry as Norah’s voice.

Woman falling asleep by listening to our playlist

The American folk duo has a gift for putting their songs in our heads!

With The Sound of Silence, the effect is immediate: the rhythm draws us in and we let ourselves hum the chorus while sipping a little 1,2,3... Sleep Herbal Tea.

We end up yawning, singing in Franglais and falling asleep!

John Lennon's song hasn't aged a bit... a bit like the Verbena infusion!

Timeless, they have both been at the top of sales for ever. Having become cult, they delight all those who listen to them and enjoy them in their beds!

Everyone knows the movie Top Gun (even those who haven't seen it!).

Everyone knows Marmot Infusion (even those who haven’t drunk it!).

These two compositions were therefore made to get along. We'll let you heat the water and dream about Tom Cruise before turning off the light!

The eccentric English singer with blue glasses and boundless energy is also able to sit behind his piano to calm things down!

An anecdote tells that Elton John always drank a Chamomile infusion before performing it on stage. Info or intox ?

Only Elton knows.

“I come from the sky, And the stars, between them, only speak about you”.

Sacred Francis, with his sunny accent and his unforgettable words, he sends us good vibes from morning to evening!

Let yourself be carried away by the music of Petite Marie and the subtle honey taste of our Linden infusion.

We don’t forget the little ones with a lullaby that we all know like the back of our hand “Au Clair de la Lune”.

To accompany the marmots in the arms of Morpheus, nothing like our tender herbal tea.

Sweet words, a pretty melody and soothing plants. The night looks good!

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